Using SQLite with Fortran

Here's code that demonstrates a way to call SQLite library functions from Fortran 77. While not a complete Fortran API by any means, the sample code is fairly general. The demo does the following:
  1. Creates a table with integer, floating point, and text fields.
  2. Populates the table with random data.
  3. Queries the table and stores the retrieved values in Fortran variables.
After untarring the file, edit Makefile and modify the values of LIB and INC so they point to your site's SQLite installation. Then try this:
  > make clean ; make ; ./demo abc.db
On one of my computers the result is:
  rm -fr demo *.o core
  gcc -I/usr/local/sqlite-3.2.0/include -g -Wall -c sqlite_c_to_fortran_wrapper.c
  g77 -I/usr/local/sqlite-3.2.0/include -g -Wall -fno-underscoring -c sqlite_demo.f
  g77  sqlite_c_to_fortran_wrapper.o sqlite_demo.o -L/usr/local/sqlite-3.2.0/lib -lsqlite3 -o demo
   rm -f abc.db
   8000 inserts in 0.261 s = 30598.35 inserts/s
   Created database abc.db
   select avg(y),count(i),city from ixyt group by city order by city;
    returned  8 rows of data
  row   1:   -2.60341689E-02      995 Berlin
  row   2:    8.43827333E-03      962 London
  row   3:    3.07258427E-01     1044 Los Angeles
  row   4:    5.84130228E-01      994 Madrid
  row   5:    8.37801635E-01      989 Quito
  row   6:    5.91075420E-01      978 Rome
  row   7:    1.97814509E-01     1018 St. Petersburg
  row   8:   -5.57564318E-01     1020 Tokyo
Note: since the data is random your output will have different values.
Al Danial gmail <you know the rest>                  July 2005